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When are your services & how do I get there?
Service times & directions can be found on our Times or Directions page.

What kind of church are you?
At Word of Hope, church is more than a building, a place, or something we do on Sundays. Church is all about people having their lives radically changed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

All of us deal with difficulties, hardships, and questions that are sometimes tough to handle. We know that Christ can make a difference in our families, our work, our children, our marriages, and in everything we do. Therefore we rely on God's word for help in dealing with every issue we face. When you visit Word of Hope, you will hear a relevant message straight from God's Word that will meet you at the point of your everyday life.
Our priority begins with helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and then equipping them to share God's love through serving others.

How can I develop relationship? 
Our Three part strategy represents our game plan for developing relationships with God & with each other.
Attend Worship -This is often the "front door" where people get a taste for the "Word of Hope Fellowship Experience". Join us for worship, at home groups, life groups and at any other service offer.
Develop in a Life Group -This is a huge part of our spiritual growth @ Word Of Hope. Options include topics like Finances & Budgeting, Parenting, Bible Studies, Leadership Training, Men's and Women's Classes, and much more.  
Serve in a Ministry -We believe that every person has something of value to be invested in ministry. We provide opportunities to figure out how God has wired you and gifted you for serving. Receiving is great...but at Word of Hope what we get really excited about finding ways to contribute and make a difference for Jesus! 

What should I expect when I visit?
    At word of Hope, you will receive a friendly welcome from people who sincerely care about you. You can expect the music to be powerful and passionate. You will hear a message from God's Word that is relevant to you.
    You can expect The Word to be taught with truth and compassion. You will learn about the Kingdom of God and the keys that we have been given to unlock the doors of Heaven!
    There is not a dress code at Word of Hope. We want you to feel comfortable as you visit with us. So whether you come casual or in your "Sunday best" - Come just as you are ,we would be honored to have you as our guest!
    You can expect to relax and have fun. Our world is busy and our church is a place to come and spend time with the King!
Do you have programs for my child?
We do! You can expect your kids of any age to be loved and plugged in.From Nursery to Children’s Ministry and on to Youth. We believe in our younger generation! Look under “Connect Here” for your child's age group.

What do you believe?
You can read our statement of beliefs here.

Have any other question?
Or if you need some guidance,fell free to send your questions here and we'll get back with you as soon as possible info@wohic.org